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Hội viên Hữu nghị - CLB VIET STAMP
Ngày tham gia: 01-12-2008
Đến từ: HCM & Canada
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Mặc định Thank you for your kind remarks

Hello Ms. Phương Thảo,

First i must say I am very sorry for the inconvenience you experienced in getting your envelop. But this VExpress service from the Vietnam Postal Company is the only one that I know of that is charging a reasonable fee for delivering envelops to the recipient. I never had any mention of this problem or any other problems you are bringing to my attention.

Is it possible that they came to your house with the envelop the first time and you were not there? In Canada in such a case the Post Office will not come back unless the recipient pays extra fee.

  • Is this the address I used to post your envelop?
  • Is it the correct address?

Ms. Phuong Thao (zzzzzzzzzzzzzz), Gò Vấp district, Hồ Chí Minh city

If you know of any other services better than this VExpress please let me know and I will evaluate it.

An other way to avoid this problem would be if you can pick up your purchases at different locations where I am of service.
Here is the link telling our members where I will be for the coming week:

News from Mr. Guy 2012/2013 in HCM


Do you come to the Viet Stamp Club meeting we have every month? It is at Mr. Thi's house (President). You could save on postage and have more time looking at all the stamps I am offering to our members.

Thank you for your kind remarks about the quality of my stamps and the careful attention I spend before sending the envelop. I think that if a stamp is worth buying, it deserves careful handling, regardless of its value.
Thank you very much for your stamp order #2
Mr. Guy

Original message:

Review from Thỏ Dâu

Review from Thỏ Dâu
Hello Mr. Biahoi,
I just arrived from the post office to get the mail. After opening a mail, I immediately wrote this review for you. I am very satisfied with your good. You pack the mail very carefully and these stamps pretty nice.


However, the mail was not shipped to my house. After receiving the notification (28/3/1013), I must go to the post office. Well... from the post office to my house quiet far and I'm so busy for the exam. So, today I went to get mail. (I don't like the way this shipping)

And I will send postage to your bank account.

Anyway, I love Canada stamps !

Ms. Phương Thảo __________________
E-mail: thaongocphuongle@gmail.com

Mr. Biahoi
Mr. Guy Labrosse

1. Họ và tên: Guy Labrosse
2. I will return to Canada August 31st, 2020

3: Địa chỉ liên hệ: Montreal, Canada

4. Email: guylabrosse2001@yahoo.ca
5. Closed
6. Số tài khoản Vietcombank: VCB Luong Van Trung
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