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Lightbulb Let's Learn Vietnamese

Hi all,

My name is Michel, I'm french and have lived in Paris since 40 years, even if I was born in South VietNam. I don't knows why, but I love all about South Korea, therefore my nickname : HanParis. I know that my English isn't very well but I hope you could have undertand more or less however. I knows most of you do love stamps and go here to exchange or learn about stamps. However, it's a vietnamese website and most of us speak and write in vietnamese. I was a French teacher, so I know it's not easy to learn a foreign language. By the way, did you ask why Vietnamese language is different from other asian languages? Why our vietnamese language looks like Latina one as French, English... In fact, we used chinese characters in the past. And Alexandre De Rhode, a french man invented news Vietnamese, called Quốc Ngữ (National language in vietnamese) with latina characters. I love languages and when I was young, I loved drawing VN map and writing a dictionnary It's funny, is it? I know but please don't laugh at me about that. I known it's not easy to learn Vietnamese in particularly when you were European or Latino people. May I offer you a new Methode to learn my native language? Pimsleur. I used it to revise my cantonese langage! Let's 'listen' a Pimsleur user about this method :

In my opinion, this methode (in 10 lessons) is so easy, you just listen an audio file (each mp3 is a lesson) and repete sentence by sentence. Languages look like music, the more you repete, the more you learn language by heart. Please use this method and you'll see. Good look!

Pim Tiếng Việt
Listen in English and Repete in Vietnamese.
All explanations are in English, so don't worry


A last word please. Language or Music, you must practise it every day. At least, 10mn a day, ok?

May I tell you an old experience about English langage when I left my VietNam 40 years ago? I learn by heart an English sentence :

- Excuse-me, miss, could I have a pillule please!

I was very well, however to practise my English, I asked a french airline stewarddess! I love humor and I'm an humorist now. I could ask her : Do you have a pillule miss? Let's go!

3T -> Thân Thiện - Trí Thức - Tình Nghĩa

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