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Relax 23-01-2008 20:44

Canada 2008 Postage Stamp Releases

The Canadian Stamp Program celebrates quite a few milestones in 2008, with stamp issues honoring four centennial anniversaries, the 2008 World Hockey Championships, the 400th anniversary of Quebec City, and for the first time in North America, a stamp printed Braille lettering, marking the 100th anniversary of the Montreal Association for the Blind.

The following stamp program has not been finalized. Stamp issues may be added or removed and exact release dates are still to be announced. More information will be added as it becomes available.

January 8, 2008:
Lunar New Year: Year of the Rat (12th issue, last in the series)

January 15, 2008:
Celebration (reissue - 3rd consecutive year)


March 3, 2008:
Peonies (two stamps featuring the Canadian flower) - booklet and souvenir sheet

March 7, 2008:
University of British Columbia, 100th Anniversary - booklet
University of Alberta, 100th Anniversary - booklet
Both Universities in a Gutter Strip of 8


April 3, 2008:
IIHF 2008 World Hockey Championships (Canada hosts the championships in 2008)

April 21, 2008:
Guide Dogs (features braille to mark the 100th anniversary of the Montreal Association for the Blind)
Montreal Association for the Blind commemorative envelope


May 2, 2008:
50th Anniversary of TransCanada Pipeline and Canada's First Commercial Oil Well

May 16, 2008:
Founding of Quebec City, 400th Anniversary (joint issue with France La Poste, 5th and final issue in founding of New France series)

May 27, 2008:
Art Canada: Yousuf Karsh (three works by the portrait photographer)


June 4, 2008:
Royal Canadian Mint, 100th Anniversary

June 16, 2008:
Canadian Nurses Association, 100th Anniversary

June 18, 2008:
Anne of Green Gables, 100th Anniversary (two stamp issues)

Jun 30, 2008:
Canadians in Hollywood


July 25, 2008:
Lifesaving Society, 100th Anniversary


August 1, 2008:
British Columbia, 150th Anniversary, Fraser River Gold Rush


September 8, 2008:
Sam McLaughlin (founder of McLaughlin Carriage Company, which later became General Motors of Canada)

October - December:

October 1, 2008:
Endangered Species: Creatures of the Air and Sky: Prothonotary Warbler, Taylor's Checkerspot, Roseate Tern, and Burrowing Owl (3rd in series)

October 7, 2008:
12th Francophone Summit (Quebec City)

Novemeber 1:, 2008
Christmas: Snow Activities: Snow Angels, Skating, and Skiing
Christmas: Religious Theme (single domestic rate)
Christmas Seals, 100th Anniversary, commemorative envelope

Also to be Released:
Updated images of the Permanent stamp honoring the Queen, Orchids, and five stamps featuring the Canadian Flag over Lighthouses.
Orchids (U.S. international rate and domestic oversized rate)

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