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The resolutions taken during the Soummam Congress stipulated the creation of a number of organizations recovering from the National Freeing Front.
As a result to these resolutions, the Algerian Muslim students General Union was founded in July 1955 and the Algerian Workers General Union was established in February 1958.
The Algerian Freeing Front considered as important to establish a sport organization which will bear the National Freeing Front’s name and represent the country in the international events.
However, the decision to form a football team constituted of the Algerian players evolving in the French championship was made. The National Freeing Front launched an appeal to all players asking them to join the Revolution ranks.
After the Algerian players had left France to Tunisian territories on April 12th, 1958, the Algerian national team of football, under the control of the National Freeing Front was established.
Since the entire world was following carefully the preparing of the Sweden football world cup during the year 1958, the appeal launched by the Freeing Front engendered a great media echo.
Directed by “Boumezrag”, the team represented the Algerian cause to the international level. It participated in 91 tournaments and matchs in the following capitals: Tunis, Tripoli, Rabat, Baghdad, Oman, Moscow, Beijing, Budapest, Warsaw, Belgrade, Hanoi and Prague and also in other countries in which it succeeded in carrying high the Algerian standard.
The National Freeing Front football team won 67 matchs. It registered 15 tied games and lost 07 matchs only. It continued to play and to militate until the recovering of the independence of the country.
The same team was considered as the core of the Algerian football team constituted later.
The National Freeing Front football team was composed of the following players:
MAKHLOUFI Rachid – BOURTAL Hacène – CHABRI Hacène – HADDAD Said–BENTIFOUR Abdelaziz – MAZZOUZ Abdelkader – BOUMEZRAG Mohamed El Mokrani – BENFEDDA Ali – ZITOUNI Mustapha – BOUCHOUK Abdelhamid– ZOUBA Abdelhamid – MAOUCHE Mohamed – BOUBAKEUR Abderrahmane– KERROUM Abdelkrim – BRAHIMI Said – BOUCHACH Cherif – DOUDOU Ali- BOUCHACH Hocine – BOURICHA Mohamed – BEKHLOUFI Keddour – KERMALI Abdelhamid – DEFNOUN Dahmane – SOUKANE Mohamed – ARIBI Mokhtar– OUALIKENE Mokrane SOUKANE Abderrahmane–ROUAI Amar–OUDJANI Ahmed IBRIR Smaine IBRIR Abderrahmane – HEDHOUD Abdallah dit SETTATI AMARA Said, and sirs TALEB Chaib, ALEM Mohamed and FERROUKHI Mustapha were designated as political chiefs.
Date ò issue : 12/04/2008

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