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Mặc định Want to buy few old vietnamese sets

Hi Friends,
because exchange so far moves rather slowly (almost do not move actually) i would like to buy some series i really want to have. I will write number of sets by VN catalog:

6, 8, 11, 21, 14.

6 (i want all color overprint variety if possible) and 8 i'm ready to by the catalog price, all other - cheaper. If someone can sell all cheaper - i will be only happy.
If anyone concern - i ask these stamps only for my collection and have no any interest in reselling it.

If someone still interested in exchange - i can propose valuable USSR stamps far below catalog in exchange for these stamps. Or some other sets you find interesting among my stamps.

For money (in VND) - the person who agree to sell can receive it in Saigon, Tan Binh from the relatives of my wife. Send stamps to me or give to my relatives - we can discuss later.
Thanks a lot in advance!

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